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Welcome to the Bionano Therapeutics Lab at Louisiana State University

The research of the Bionano Therapeutics Lab aims at resolving challenging health problems associated with the central nervous system. Together with our collaborators, we integrate our specialty in biomedical engineering, chemistry, and neuroscience to investigate disease mechanisms and develop novel therapeutic strategies for cancers and neurological disorders. Our ultimate goal is to translate the preclinical results and technological inventions into more effective treatments for all individuals affected by these diseases. 

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Recent Publication

5. H. Xiong, B. A. Wilson, X. Ge, X. Gao, Q. Cai, X. Xu, R. Bachoo, Z, Qin. Glioblastoma margin as a diffusion barrier revealed by photoactivation of plasmonic nanovesicles. Nano Letters, 2024, 24, 5, 1570–1578. 

4. Q. Cai#, H. Fan, X. Li, M. Giannotta, R. Bachoo, Z. Qin#. Optical modulation of the blood-brain barrier for glioblastoma treatment. Bio-protocol, 2024, 14(2): e4920. (#co-corresponding author)

3. X. Ge, X.Xu, Q. Cai, H. Xiong, C. Xie, Y. Hong, X. Gao, Y. Yao, R. Bachoo, Z. Qin. Live mapping of the brain extracellular matrix and remodeling in neurological disorders. Small Methods, 2023, 2301117. 

2. Q. Cai, X. Li, H. Xiong, H. Fan, X. Gao, V. Vemireddy, R. Margolis, J. Li, M. Giannotta, K. Hoyt, R. Bachoo, Z. Qin. Optical blood-brain-tumor barrier modulation expands therapeutic options for glioblastoma treatment. Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 4934.

1. T. W. Leong, A. Pal, Q. Cai, Z. Gao, X. Li, L. Bleris, H. N. Hayenga, Z. Qin. Clinical gene therapy development for the central nervous system: Candidates and challenges for AAVs. Journal of Controlled Release, 2023, 357, 511-530.


Office: 103 E. B. Doran, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Lab: 246 Wilson Laboratories